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– ปัญหาเมื่อไม่สามารถลงโปรแกรมได้ : Problem Installing Vendor Suite 5.11  I’ve got a new computer and need to install Vendor Suite 5.11 on it but I am getting an error. The first time I installed I got an error but I don’t recall what the error was.Then I tried running the installation again and now I get this error.

– ปัญหาเมื่อไม่สามารถ Update 5.10 to 5.12 โปรแกรมได้ : Upgrade Sentinel HASP Business Studio from 5.10 to 5.12

– HASP Error 55 : Please help me to solve this problem – I get Error Code 55 when trying to remotly update HASP HL time key.

– HASP Error 0001 : Hasp Envelope on .net exe generates error “The HASP .Net Runtime Library haspnert_x64.dll is too old (E0001)”

– HASP Error 0007 : Do not want a code after message. If you find the attached screen shot which has a message appended with code H0007. How can I avoid the code being displayed to user.

– HASP Error 0030 : Did you know there may a solution to the error E0030 that may be experienced while launching an Enveloped Application?

– HASP Error 0033 : This error means “Communication error between the program and the local license manager.” This error can be caused by a number of things including the HASP SRM runtime is not installed properly, Personal Firewall Software blocking communication with the HASP LMS service, or another piece of software is using the same port that the HASP License License uses (port 1947)

– HASP Error 1004using “Business Studio 5.12” for remote update “HASP HL Time” dongle -> “Internal error E1004”

– HASP Error 3008 : Cannot connect Sentinel HASP server (3008)

– HASP Error 3010 : Cannot connect Sentinel HASP server (3010)

– HASP Error 3513 : When I try to open Envelope and sign in, it says “Request was rejected by the Sentinel HASP  server. (3513)”

– HASP Error 3515 : Did You Know there are two possible reasons that you are receving the General Transportation Error 3515?

– HASP Error 4003 : Did you know how to solve the Error message “HASP API error 33 during MasterKey communication (4003)” ?

– HASP Error 7401 : “Unable to load Orders. SQL server error. Error code: 7401”.

– Did you know the solution to reinstallation disabling the Vendor Suite? : If you reinstall Sentinel HASP 5.0 on a machine where it is already installed, and you unselect the Vendor Suite, the BSS will be installed properly and the Vendor Suite will be uninstalled.

 – Sentinel HASP Not Releasing License : Can someone help troubleshoot our customer complaining about how the NetHasp does not release a license after the application is closed on the client?

– Problem with 64-bit : We are using HASP HL Key 5.10 (32-bit) version for our product now. Now we should move to 64-bit Windows 7.

– Failed to use Shell command with haspdinst.exe (version =6.51) and HASPUserSetup.exe (version = 6.50)

 – Envelope does not work for .NET applications : I was able to use Envelope to protect and then run a WIn32 application, but whenever I try to protect a .NET application, it makes that application unable to run.

– Problem in HASP driver installation in Windows 8.1 : How to install Sentinel HASP Driver on Windows 8.1

– Problem Sentinel HASP on Mac OS : HASP HL Not found error.