Solve LDK and EMS

การแก้ไขปัญหาเบื่องต้น Sentinel LDK and EMS 

– Can’t install Sentinel EMS : How to install Sentinel EMS.

– EMS for Mac : How to use EMS on Mac.

– Add Batch Code in Sentinel EMS 6.3 from Sentinel LDK : Sentinel LDK 6.3 just installed a new computer, and am trying to add the ‘batch code’ of my ‘master key’, which is a blue HASP Master key. The steps to follow are:

– Failed to update the master key : With sentinel LDK master wizard, all libraries are updated succesfully, but master key cannot be updated. Why?

– What do I need to use hasp_update() in Sentinel LDK ? : I have implemented Sentinel LDK in our application and want to do an automatic installation of a provisional licence (SL-AdminMode) on first run. Note that we do not use Envelope and implement all our security via the Licensing API without using EMS at all.

– AutoCAD / AutoLisp problem with implementing protection : I am a new SentinelHASP HL Pro customer and I have a problem with setup protection on the end users computers. While protection work fine on all my computers where SafeNet CD software is installed and autolisp hasp_demo.lsp updated with my vendor code, hasp_windows_xxxxxx dll and tlb files and paths followed enclosed readme.html file instructions, on the end users computers my program don’t work. I am receiving error message “cannot access Sentinel HASP com module”.

– HASP in remote desktop and VM : We are using HASP HL to protect our software product. We need to prevent users from using VM or Remote Desktop technologies which would allow to use a single USB license key for multiple instances of the software (e.g. in multiple VMs or multiple (independent) Remote Desktop/APP-V sessions).