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     DocExpress 540AF
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DocExpress 540AF

Introduction Specifications System Requirements Applications  

DocExpress Document Camera Series---DocExpress 540AF model
---- the Brilliant Assistant to Document Manipulation

Hi-Speed     Hi-Resolution     Portability

DocExpress 540AF
DocExpress 540AF with A3 stand

New Concept for Document Imaging:
DocExpress 540AF changes the conventional notions of document imaging. It is a high-speed and portable document camera. It captures documents, photographs or real objects smoothly in about one second. It employs a 5 Mega-pixels sensor to guarantee the quality in document imaging. Fully supports 32/64 bits OS and can grab the real 5 mega resolution image. The extensive height is only about 36cm that you can use it in any narrow place. The contactless design eliminates paper jam problems compared to conventional scanners.

Multi-function Design:
DocExpress 540AF is portable, easy to use, to setup and to carry. It is a good partner of your notebook PC and can be part of your mobile office to digitize a document at anytime and anyplace. DocExpress 540AF provides software trigger auto-focus function. You do not need to adjust lens manually, only click the “AF” button to focus automatically. It is more than a conventional camera or scanner for the following functions.

DocExpress 540AF captures a document up to A4 size in black and white. The captured document can be printed out via any printer at about the original size. Coping a book or bound documents is extremely efficient. The copied document can be held in PDF format.

DocExpress 540AFcaptures images of real objects at high resolution in about one second. The captured image can be in true color or in black and white. Shooting can be triggered manually or on time base.

During a seminar session, DocExpress 540AF can be used to project a paper document or a real object to the large screen. It can be supplemental to the prepared presentation files or documents.

Fax Machine
DocExpress 540AF can fax out captured image directly providing an appropriate fax device driver is installed.

Screen Recording
DocExpress 540AF provides the screen recording function to record the progress of one presentation or the execution of software.

DocExpress 540AF captures high quality still image up to A3 size document in about one second with USB2.0 interface at 480Mb/s transmission speed. The Compression methods for still images and video such as JPEG and MPEG4 format, among others are provided.

DocExpress 540AF can send out the captured image directly to the email address you desire.

Unique Special Design:
Provide authorization code to the device. The device with un-authorized code will not be allowed to operate.
Provide authentication code to the grabbed image file. It will show warning message, when image had been modified.

DSP in firmware:Image compression / EV adjustment / auto Focus / contrast adjustment / brightness adjustment / chromatic adjustment / reducing noise.

Free Accompany Software:
Each DocExpress provides VideoCenter (with many image functions), VideoView (image filing with customized user interface) and Simple version of Image filing software. TWAIN driver & SDK are available for system integration.
DSP in firmware:Image compression / EV adjustment / auto Focus / contrast adjustment / brightness adjustment / chromatic adjustment / reducing noise.

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