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Sammas ExtraMonitor

ExtraMonitor is an appliance base network optimization gateway for Deep Packets Inspection (DPI) of Enterprise Network Management and Bandwidth Utilization, besides of using traditional bandwidth management to identify port number, it allocates bandwidth on different targets, and even analyzes and manages network behavior of IM and P2P by using Layer 7 content analysis technology (DPI).


Sammas ExtraMonitor is a network optimization device based on Deep Packets Inspection (DPI) and Heuristical Behavior analysis technology, combined with technology like bandwidth auto mode algorithm, Token Bucket Algorithm and queue control algorithm, it can identify and control various application like P2P, VoIP, video/P2P, HTTP, network games, data base and middleware, and provides series of bandwidth management function virtual bandwidth division, maximum bandwidth restriction, guaranteed bandwidth, bandwidth borrowing and application priority, provides users with an active, intelligent and visual bandwidth management service, thus achieves the management goal which is seeable, testable, controllable and optimized.

Problem most organization encountered

As dependence on internet usage greatly increases, business activities of organization will be greatly affected if the internet network breaks down. Nowadays in most of the enterprises units, the number of internet users is enormous and network application environment is complicated. Especially with P2P technology whose applications occupying great amount of network bandwidth (like BitTorrent, Foxy, eMule etc), enterprise unit’s network therefore becomes crowded and intensifies the problem of decreasing intranet application efficiency, enterprise unit’s business usage and service quality of user’s network application is therefore affected.

Nowadays many organizations lack efficient network management strategy. Kernel business application (like ERP, information base, office automation, mails etc), video conference etc are always treated in the same way with instant communication, P2P, network games. Usage of network is not allocated according to the priority and importance of enterprise’s application; as a result the network is being seized by the application that grabs resources in a great extent.

Solution for In-depth controlling of network behavior and bandwidth usage

As the pioneer in global market of bandwidth management and application optimization, Sammas ExtraMonitor strives in providing advanced bandwidth management, bandwidth control and application optimization solution to global network users.

Sammas ExtraMonitor bandwidth management tool is a kind of exclusive hardware product of Inline mode. With DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology as the core, it supports soft/hardware Bypass and provides application optimization function and bandwidth management based on 7 layers applications; for bandwidth management, with bandwidth strategy customized by users and Sammas’s core bandwidth auto-mode algorithm, it can divide network links into several virtual bandwidth channels, and achieves bandwidth management functions like maximum bandwidth restriction, guaranteed bandwidth, bandwidth renting, application priority order, SFQ (Stochastic Fairness Queuing) etc, and provides customers with one united solution of bandwidth management, analysis and optimization. It can test and prevent abnormal depletion of bandwidth resource, guarantees key application bandwidth and restricts non-business application bandwidth. Sammas ExtraMonitor improves and guarantees the service quality of the overall network application.

Function achievement

  • Instant control and bandwidth allocation of IM and P2O by using Layer 7 application classification technology

  • Guarantee efficiency and optimization of major application programme

  • Management strategy can be customized

  • Real Time bandwidth monitoring

  • Analysis of personal/ programme bandwidth and establish bandwidth management

  • Provide hierarchized bandwidth management

  • Proceed dual bandwidth according to different application programme

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