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Sammas ExtraTunnel

ExtraTunnel - XT is the latest SSL VPN appliance, which provides you with convenient and secured remote office. ExtraTunnel could be a platform for application delivery. It enables user to achieve application delivery effortlessly, across access between applications, authorization and maintenance of application, application detailed access control. Through the virtual platform of information, the greatest efficiency of information is thus achieved, and it further increases and optimizes management ability and reduces management cost.

Limitation of traditional IPSec VPN

As enterprises/ organization expanding continuously, the connection between remote user and intranet become more and more complicated. Although the problem of delivering remote resources can be solved by IPSec VPN, it is not economical interest-bearing due to its complicated set-up, management and limited software application support. There is also limitation for setting user layer. It is not easy to define user’s different authorization in traditional IPSec, PPTP VPN, thus resources management and application delivery are difficult and even becomes the loophole of enterprise information security. Further more, if the remote user has not installed the corresponding intranet software (ERP, AUTOCAD, POS etc), then intranet’s resources are unable to be used.

SSL VPN system - Solution provided by Sammas ExtraTunnel

With just one XT installed by enterprise, users are able to use professional internet service of SSL VPN without installation of any system.

Through internal Web system of XT, enterprise’s IT resources and application system can be managed and published in a concentrated way, including Web application, C/S application, Telnet, FTP, Linux application, PC desktop and remote control etc.

Different degree of permission can be given to different kind of users, various encryption technology and identity certification are supported.

Function achievement:

  • WEB application delivery (B/S application)
  • WINDOWS application delivery (C/S application)
  • Transform C/S application to B/S structure directly
  • Desktop system delivery (Remote Desktop)
  • UNIX application delivery
  • Folder delivery
  • Server wakeup function

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