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Database Auditing Appliance System
  • Real-Time Auditing
  • Simple Usage
  • Segregation of Original Network
  • Distributed Control and Centralized Management Structure
  • SSL Encryption and Identity Authentication
  • TCP Flow Reassemble and Session Track System

The greatest threat of computer security comes from insider abuse rather than external intrusion. Firewalls are unable to alleviate these kinds of problems, so auditing system is needed. However, the performance of build-in database auditing system is dissatisfactory. Besides, the audit report format is complex. Most of the traditional database auditing systems is unable to meet customers’ needs.

Latest Database Auditing System

Sammas ExtraKeeper –DB (XK-DB) could solve all these problems. The adoption of Sniff Mode enables XK-DB to record all the activity in database without changing the existing network structure or harming the performance of daily operation. Audit data with static format enables administrator to do statistical analysis and post-event query.

Database is always targeted by hacker since it keeps vulnerable information and it is easy to attack. Access authentications are commonly used in traditional database auditing systems. It protects database by preventing unauthorized access. However, these kinds of passive security systems are unable to satisfy customers’ changing needs.

In order to ensure the audit data are the same with database server record, traditional database auditing systems capture internet activity in Link Layer. Although it could increase the accuracy of audit data, it increases database workload significantly and affects the daily operation. Since the auditing system and database management systems are working on the same server, hackers could delete all the intrusion record easily. The reliability and completeness of audit data are not guaranteed.

The common problems of traditional auditing systems:
  1. Complex and Messy Audit Data and Formats: Audit data are uneasy to understand and analyze.
  2. Poor Performance of Database: Database server records all the activities while performing daily operation. The occupation of server resources and bandwidth affects database performance.
  3. Inaccuracy of Audit Data: Hackers could delete audit log and records after intrusion.
  4. Requirement of Highly Professional Technicians: The management of database is complicated.


All these problems could be solved by XK-DB effectively. Sniff mode are adopted by XK-DB, so network structure reform is not required and it will not increase database workload. XK-DB captures and reassembles database activities from data link layer instantly. Then, it will record and analyze important events automatically according to policies and rules set-up by administrator. Analysis of audit data could be used to evaluate the policies and rules set up by administrators. The continuous adjustment could improve the security of database.

Comparison with traditional database auditing systems, the advantages of XK-DB:

  1. Real-Time Auditing
    Traditional auditing systems audit database by simply using the DBMS log. XK-DB captures network activity in database in data-link layer. It could provide quicker response.

  2. Simple Usage
    Network change and installation of protected database are not needed.

  3. Segregation of Original Network
    XK-DB is operated separately from original network. It can protect the audit data.

  4. Distributed Control and Centralized Management Structure
    With Expandable 3-Layer Structure (Control Center, Event Recorder, Audit Engine), audit engine could manage and process data by group, so large scale network are supported.

  5. SSL Encryption and Identity Authentication
    The adoption of SSL encryption and identity authentication are able to prevent auditing data from being stolen and corrupted.

  6. TCP Flow Reassemble and Session Track System
    Analogy operating systems and TCP flow reassemble enable administrator to acquire audit data of users’ behavior without combining operating systems and database.

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