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Sammas ExtraKeeper Internet Security Audit System (referred as ExtraKeeper in the following) is a new version appliance base internet security audit system developed by Sammas Systems, Inc. ExtraKeeper can gather, analyze and identify the data flow of connection from intranet to internet through by-pass monitoring. It can real-time monitor the operation status of internet and record various network action, discover network abusing use, filter malicious information, and control, save, analyze, rank and query network relevant behavior, sending and receiving of relevant content.

The challenges of Internet for organization

As usage of internet has become so popular nowadays, Internet has brought along convenience yet also risks and challenges. For example: High efficiency cost due to behavior of abusing use of internet like sending instant message and online stock message during working hours; employees’ activities which consume large amount of bandwidth such as listening to music online, watching online video , P2P download; leakage of company’s sensitive and confidential information when employees are using internet; person who are under age visiting website that contains malicious information; minority posting and spreading speech which poses harms to society’s stability on internet.

Solution for auditing and behavior controls

As an internet security audit system, ExtraKeeper mainly makes query and analyzes internet network behavior and content, it possesses various functions of managing network behavior and content. ExtraKeeper is deployed at the connection between intranet and internet, audits and manages the network behavior and content of the whole intranet client machine, like web page browsing, e-mail receiving and sending, Instant Messengers chatting, BBS, web pages posting, online stock, video and audio, online games etc.

Function achievement:

  • Audit and control network behavior and content in order to avoid leakage of company’s information;
  • Audit and control the data content sent out by employees in order to avoid leakage of company’s information;
  • Decrease legal liability risk brought by employees’ internet activities;
  • Optimize IT resources usage, including bandwidth and computation resources;
  • Implement internet and application process usage policy;
  • Prohibit abusing use of internet and increase employee’s efficiency through configuration of reasonable policy;

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