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GrandDog SDK V2.0

Overview Specification Feature & Benefits  
As one of the primary product in the famous Dongle product series in China, GrandDog protection software can easily prevent software piracy. The developer can quickly write its own algorithm and import it into the hardware dog with the GrandDog compiler tool. Therefore, it can greatly enhance the security of software protection.

Along with the user-defined algorithm, GrandDog has many other features in security:

On the basis of the improved security engine II developed independently by SafeNet, GrandDog adopts a great quantity of advanced security algorithms which can efficiently prevent static analysis and dynamic tracking used by hacker.  

GrandDog hardware can support standard security and signature algorithm.  The software developer can perform encryption/decryption to its own data and apply digital signature conveniently, which can prevent the tampering of data.  

During the order and distribution of software protection product, the *SN Dog of GrandDog can completely eliminates the potential safety hazard of losing the Number.Dog file.   

*SN Dog refers to the GrandDog hardware provided with NUMBER.DOG, which can guarantee the safety of NUMBER.DOG.  Anyone who doesn’t know the SN Dog password will not be allowed to use the SN Dog.  A developer can order Same-SN Dogs from our distributor with his SN Dog, without worrying about the disclosure of NUMBER.DOG 

In the field of practicability and flexibility, GrandDog has the following functions:

Support password authentication. The developer can configure the device so that the end user must insert hardware dog and enter a password when running the software application.

2 level authorization setting for access to software applications.

Store the critical data in the high capacity storage area of GrandDog.
We believe that your practical experience will be the best explanation for good quality of GrandDog. 

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