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Secures Files on PC, Laptops, and File Servers

SafeNet ProtectFile provides data security with fully automated encryption of unstructured data contained in files and folders stored on endpoint devices such as servers, network drives, workstations, and laptops.  When an organization knows their confidential data is protected from both external and internal threats, they can focus on growth, gain knowledge through secured collaboration, and enjoy an increase in productivity.

Centralized Administration

ProtectFile is deployed in tandem with DataSecure, offering an unparalleled combination of broad coverage, robust security, and scalability. Managed through DataSecure, ProtectFile encrypts sensitive data in flat files such as documents, spreadsheets, and design drawing. Keys and policies are managed on the DataSecure appliance which boosts security and business productivity.

Transparent to Users

With ProtectFile, encryption is seamless and transparent, so there is no disruption to the business operations, performance, or the end user experience. Once a user has been successfully authenticated, ProtectFile is initiated automatically, applying policies without interfering with productivity.

Security Evolved

ProtectFile enables the next generation of data protection by making security data-centric. As opposed to systems that secure a perimeter or device, ProtectFile secures the data itself, ensuring that data in files is protected throughout its entire life cycle - from inception to endpoints to storage.

File and Folder Encryption

  • Hard drives of local and remote servers, network drives, workstations and laptops
  • File servers (Microsoft and Novell, Netware, Unix [Samba], more)
  • Centralized key management and policy management
  • Remote silent installation for easy deployment in any size environment

Encryption Algorithms

  •  AES

Supported Platforms

  • Microsoft Windows and Linux


  • Microsoft Windows Terminal Server, Offline Folder Synchronization, DFS (Distributed File System), Global Catalog, and Novell
  • Easy integration into existing PKI environments (Entrust, RSA, Microsoft, and others) enables advanced key backup, recovery, update and management, plus user access control

Software Management Tool

  • RIS, SMS, Tivoli, TNG, Active Directory, plus many more Multi-factor Strong Authentication
  • Virtually all tokens and smart cards with PKCS#11, Microsoft CSP, or Vasco Digipass


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