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     Sentinel HASP MaxMicro

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Download DK with MaxMicro image
Download DK with MaxMicro image

Download DK with MaxMicro image

Sentinel HASP MaxMicro

Miniature Size. Maximum Security.


The Sentinel HASP MaxMicro is SafeNet’s smallest hardware based protection key that once installed, protrudes only by 7.6mm/0.3’’ making it virtually invisible.  It is perfectly suited for notebooks, embedded devices, medical devices or controls for machinery and equipment.  

Benefits of the Sentinel HASP MaxMicro key:

  • Allows reaching into new markets where protection key size is critical as it is typically left in the device’s port.
  • Miniature form factor enables software publishers to reduce the potential risk of a key breaking off either accidentally or deliberately.

The Sentinel HASP MaxMicro provides the highest level of copy software protection containing 10 KB memory. It provides a unique 32 bit ID number for each key and allows the distribution and access of up to 231 different Features/Applications Enabled per key. Based on the on-chip encryption engine and 128-bit AES Encryption Algorithm, it implements data encryption and decryption. It also permits the remote update of keys in the field by applying the RSA encryption algorithm.

Not a Sentinel customer - Request a free Sentinel HASP Developer Kit with MaxMicro today!

Already a Sentinel Customer- Download a Sentinel HASP  MaxMicro Technical Brief today


Sentinel HASP MaxMicro Technical Specifications


 Unique 32-Bit ID


 Secure Communication Channel


Cryptographic Algorithms

 AES 128-Bit Encryption


 Remote Update - RSA Digital Signature


 64,000 Encryption Keys


Support  Licensing Models










 Protected Read / Write Memory


 Read Only Memory (ROM)


 Backward Compatibility Memory


 Data Retention

At Least 10 Years

 Write Cycles (EEPROM / Flash)

At least 1,000,000

 Max. Features/Applications Enabled per Key


Physical Specifications

 Default Color


 Connection Type

USB Type A

 Lines Used

Power, Ground, 2 for Data

 Plastic Case Material

GE Lexan 940A

 Storage Temperature

0˚C to 70˚C

32˚F to 158˚F

 Operating Temperature

0˚C to 70˚C

32˚F to 158˚F

 Humidity Rating (without condensation)


 Power Consumption – operating / standby

30mA / < 0.5 mA

 Dimensions L x W x H (in mm)

19.1 X 15.6 X 7.6

 Weight (in grams)

2.03 g

Features & Benefits

The Sentinel family of products feature unique Cross-Locking technology and are the only solution on the market to offer hardware and software-based protection and secure licensing in a single solution.  With one set of tools featuring a variety of hardware and software-based protection keys, vendors are enabled to choose the appropriate enforcement level based on business needs.

Benefits of Sentinel hardware-based protection keys:

  • Provide the strongest protection against software piracy.
  • Offers the strongest enforcement for license terms, which are securely stored and protected inside the Sentinel protection key
  • Enable portability so the software can run on any PC to which the Sentinel protection key is connected
  • Does not require an Internet connection to activate the software 

How does Sentinel HASP work?


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