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Sentinel LDK Features:
The Sentinel Design Philosophy
Award-winning Security
Sentinel EMS for LDK
Sentinel Envelope
Sentinel Insight
Sentinel LDK Cross-Locking
Sentinel LDK Trialware
Sentinel License Models
Software Activation
LDK Key Versions
Sentinel HL
Sentinel HL Basic
Sentinel HL Drive
Sentinel HL Max
Sentinel HL Max-Chip
Sentinel HL Max Express Card
Sentinel HL Max-Micro
Sentinel HL Net
Sentinel HL NetTime
Sentinel HL Pro
Sentinel HL Time
Sentinel SL

Sentinel LDK

Out-of-the-box Software Protection, Licensing,and Entitlement Management System


Overview Specification Feature & Benefits  

» Protect Once, Deliver Many, Evolve Often™ design philosophy which separates business and engineering processes enabling software publishers to maximize operational efficiency and business agility

» Flexible Licensing options for supporting the industry’s broadest selection of business models from perpetual and time-based nodels to usage based and subscription plans

» Cross-Locking technology enabling software publishers to enforce their software licensing strategy with any combination of hardware- or software-based keys

» Award-winning security features for protecting applications from unauthorized use, distribution, tampering, and reverse-engineering

» Sentinel EMS, a centralized web-based platform which enables software publishers and their end-user to effectively manage their entitlements, from delivery and activation to lifecycle management and tracking.

» Sentinel Insight providing detailed usage tracking and reporting resources for software publishers and their end-users


» Maximize Revenue - By preventing unauthorized use and or distribution of your software you ensure fair compensation for all use of your products and services.

» Enhanced End-User Experience - Empowering end-users to manage certain aspects of their deployment not only reduces costs, but dramatically increases end-user satisfaction.

» Business Agility - Make changes to your product packaging, licensing, and pricing models on-the-fly to respond instantly to new and evolving markets.

» Reduced Cost - Eliminate the packaging burden oftern carried by most development organizations and reduce manual, time-consuming support and customer service tasks.

» Business Intelligence - Activation history and feature usage information helps drive business decisions


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