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 Sentinel RMS
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Sentinel RMS

    Sentinel RMS is a comprehensive system that dramatically reduces or eliminates many of the costs normally associated with license management. With RMS, software vendors can optimize the entire licensing lifecycle, from design, to fulfillment, to ongoing management. The modular design of Sentinel RMS allows it to quickly join up to your back-office systems, automating fulfillment and management operations. Only Sentinel RMS provides you secure role-based management, allowing every department in your company the access they require to effectively meet your customer's needs. RMS also comes with the level of protection from unauthorized use you'd expect in an enterprise-class software licensing system.

    Because it adapts quickly to your way of doing business, Sentinel RMS allows you to have a license management system that is right for your customers and right for your business.

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Download our White Paper , "Build vs. Buy: The Hidden Costs of License Management."

Customizable Licensing

    Diagnostic tools and templates speed development and testing, reducing time to market.

RMS provides licensing flexibility that allows you to reach new markets, leading to increased revenue. You can adjust the measure of security and transparency to control the way your licensing affects customers. Pre-built license models include evaluation, feature-based, pay-per-use and many more.

Track and Manage Licenses the Same Way as the Products They Control

    Sentinel RMS provides components that allow easy integration with order entry and customer service databases. License requests can flow through your ERP/CRM systems - eliminating the need for costly manual processes.

    With Sentinel RMS, licensing information can be stored centrally, ensuring that vital data can be shared across multiple departments. Centralized management improves accuracy as well by ensuring that all systems are synchronized with respect to licensing information. Binding of licenses to the products they control facilitates the tracking and management of maintenance and renewals.



Multiple Activation Options

    Sentinel RMS provides you with the capability to implement a range of options in order to speed delivery and ease fulfillment. License activation can occur via phone, mail, fax, the Internet or through the use of a hardware token. Sentinel RMS makes web-based licensing easy, so your customers can select, purchase, register and activate products all online. In addition, embedded client activation allows the complete license transaction, including installation, to be executed over the Internet with no user involvement required.


    Sentinel RMS uses industry standard cryptographic algorithms to implement shared secret challenge response to prevent common attacks. For added security and portability you can also lock your licenses to a SafeNet hardware key . Finally, security can be easily adjusted at fulfillment time if needed, without having to incur any additional development costs.

Straightforward Implementation

    Sentinel RMS offers several implementation options. For more control over sophisticated license designs, use the Sentinel API to embed protection calls into your application source code. Licensing can also be implemented with the Sentinel Shell that can wrap your application in minutes. In addition to offering a quick implementation option, the Sentinel Shell can be added to API implementations to provide another layer of security.

Powerful, Easy to Use License Server

    Sentinel RMS comes with a license server that installs in less than a minute and requires no configuration. The Sentinel RMS license server can easily be managed across a network, providing end users with an easy way to manage and monitor their licenses. Operating system support includes Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac. Please contact your local SafeNet office for further technical specifications. To request your SDK, please click here .


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