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SuperPro soft keys

SuperPro soft keys enable developers to offer software-based licenses for products already protected by SuperPro, with minimal development effort. By leveraging existing implementations, SuperPro soft keys cost-effectively provide the licensing functionalities of SuperPro hardware keys, along with the flexibility of software-based licenses.

  • Utilize one single API for the shipment of SuperPro USB, parallel port, and soft tokens
  • Customize the way software is secured without taxing internal development resources
  • Use existing infrastructure and existing licenses in the field
  • Decrease time-to-market with online distribution

SuperPro Soft supports a variety of criteria with which to lock a license, including system drive volume serial number, Ethernet address, and user name.

Grow New Markets with Licensing Flexibility

  • Quickly adapt to new business opportunities
  • Adjust the level of security to customize the way products are sold in different markets

Cost-Effective Method of Offering Software-based Licenses

For applications already protected by SuperPro tokens, software license keys can easily be generated with minimal development effort.

  • Benefit from the flexibility of software licensing without the expense of developing and maintaining a solution internally
  • All development resources can maintain focus on their core competencies
  • Engineers can continue innovation of their applications' features and functionality

Compliments Existing SuperPro Solution

SuperPro soft keys support existing licensing infrastructure while eliminating dependence on physical tokens.

  • Existing licenses in the field can continue to control the licensed software
  • Enhanced flexibility with a painless and non-disruptive process

Securely Decreases Time-to-Market

  • Provide demo versions online and get applications in front of customers quickly

Accommodates End User Needs

  • Eliminate customer dependency on physical hardware keys, providing a greater degree of flexibility


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