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     Sentinel UltraPro
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Easy to Use
Features an advanced set of developer
tools to simplify and facilitate the
creation and management of security
and license designs.

Fast Deployment
of Popular License Models

Comes pre-configured with Business
Layer API framework to support
popular business model
at a higher-level API, reducing time
spent on implemennting security
and licensing by up to 60% or more in
comparison to alternative solutions.

Enhanced Security
Uses AES, one of the industry's most
advanced and recognized public
agorithms for encryption.

Simplified Key Administration
Enables programming of multiple keys
and provides a framework for future
enhancements-enabling base license
tracking, upgrade management and
inventory tracking.

Enhanced Memory
Available with optional
enhanced memory to support
the implementation flexibility
and scalability that developers require

Protect your software and increase
your revenue Seccure your applications with Sentinel UltraPro software protection hardware keys and protect your valuable intellectual property and associated license revenues.

Leading Anti-piracy Solution

    For over a decade, Sentinel hardware key customer have received an estimated $4.5 billion in additional revenues by protecting their applications from unauthorized execution. SafeNet't Sentinel hardware keys secure more clients world-wide than any other key. For developers who are seeking to provide the highest level of anti-piracy protection, Sentinel UltraPro provides the most. flexible, easy-to-use and quick-to-implement software protection solution available today.

The Ability to Choose a License Model That Suites Your Business Needs
    Increase your license revenues and tailor your Product offerings to your customers by choosing a license management option that is in line with your business, security and licensing needs. Available options include the following:

License Type Used to:
    Demonstration Offer Provide the option of try-before-
  you buy
    Pay-per-use Lease or rent your software based
  on usage
    Subscription Lease or rent your software based
  on a time period
    Feature-based License License sub-modules or
  components of your software
    Concurrent Network License Allows use by a set number of
  licensees of one time

    UltraPro is pre-configured with higher-level APIs for popular license models,significantly reducing the time required for implementation.

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