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Personal Two-Factor USB Authentication Token

iKey™ 2032 is a compact, two-factor authentication token client security for network authentication, e-mail encryption, and digital signing applications. Its low-cost, compact design, and standard USB interface make it easier to deploy than smartcards or one-time PIN tokens.

    Key offers a compact hardware solution for authentication and digital identity management. While offering similar functionality to a smartcard, iKey packs two-factor authentication, encryption key management, and digital signing functionality into a tiny, secure package that includes an integrated USB port to eliminate the need for a separate reader device. The iKey FIPS 140-1, Level 2 validated hardware, onboard key generation, key storage, ecvncryption, and digital signing capabilities add high-assurance security to user login, email encryption, disk encryption, VPN authentication, and other secure client applications.

Product Highlights

  • USB Connectivity
    iKey features a built-in USB connector for easy deployment of advanced authentication without the need to install additional smartcard readers or expensive biometric devices.

  • Compact and Durable
    The iKey personal USB authentication token is small enough to fit on a keychain and its durable shell allows it to be carried at all times.

  • Two-Factor Authentication Eliminates Weak Passwords
    Weak passwords create vulnerabilities by allowing unauthorized access to sensitive networks. iKey offers true two-factor (something you have and something you know) authentication that is secure and easy to use.

  • Leading Integration and Application Support
    iKey support is included in single sign-on/smartcard login, VPN authentication, e-mail encryption, digital signatures, and many other PKI-enabled applications from leading vendors like Microsoft, Entrust, Computer Associates, VeriSign, and more.

  • FIPS 140-1, Level 2 Validated*
    The iKey 2032 features tamper-proof hardware validated to FIPS 140-1, Level 2* to provide high levels of security for your valuable digital assets.
    *iKey 2032F
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